• Always your

    Better Investment

  • Reduced Weight
    Enhanced Load Release
    Lasting Quality

    The Midland TC is the industry’s leading belly dump trailer preferred by operators across North America.

    Learn more: TC Belly Dump
  • Innovative Durable & Stable Design

    The Midland SLX End Dump is designed with a lower center of gravity giving you the most stable end dump trailer in its class.

    Learn more: SLX End Dumps
  • Maximum Payload Capacity

    Moving large amounts of product requires a reliable trailer with maximized payload capacity; The Midland Super Train is the trailer for you.

    Learn more: TW Super Train
  • Midland Manufacturing brings you

    40 Years of Experience

    in designing and manufacturing gravel trailers and truck bodies.

  • Midland Manufacturing brings you


    Built to Haul Sand


Our History

Midland Trailers has played a prominent role in the development and manufacture of construction trailers and truck bodies since its incorporation in 1976. The use of advanced design and manufacturing techniques, along with our commitment to working with the end users of our product has allowed us to supply the products that meet today’s industry needs and wants.

Midland Trailers ongoing focus on research and development has enabled us to develop a wide range of gravel trailers that meet or exceed the industry standard. This line includes End Dump, Side Dump and Bottom Dump trailers, all of which are available in many different styles and configurations.

Midland’s Practices

Since 2007, Midland Trailers has implemented and followed “Lean Manufacturing” principles, which has increased quality and productivity, and is part of our ongoing commitment to be at the top of our industry. Midland has also qualified for the Power Smart for Business program with Manitoba Hydro by upgrading many elements in our shop and office. These upgrades make the business more energy efficient, which will in turn make a cleaner environment, helping our workers, our community, and our customers.

In order to better serve our customers, Midland is also a member of the Manitoba Trucking Association (MTA), as well as the Canadian Transportation Equipment Association (CTEA).

Midland’s Service

Midland’s dedicated staff; coupled with a distribution network of dealers that spans most of North America means that service for your Midland product is always close at hand. Our mandate is simple: “To provide the best product, the best product support, and the best customer service in the industry.”


Midland’s use of technological advances such as CNC cutting and bending equipment along with 3-D solid modeling and engineering equipment, has enabled us to maintain a level of quality in our product that is unsurpassed. Work with one of our end dump, side dump, belly dump (bottom dump) trailers, or gravel bodies to find out for yourself.