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    Better Investment

  • Reduced Weight
    Enhanced Load Release
    Lasting Quality

    The Midland TC is the industry’s leading belly dump trailer preferred by operators across North America.

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  • Innovative Durable & Stable Design

    The Midland SLX End Dump is designed with a lower center of gravity giving you the most stable end dump trailer in its class.

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  • Maximum Payload Capacity

    Moving large amounts of product requires a reliable trailer with maximized payload capacity; The Midland Super Train is the trailer for you.

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  • Midland Manufacturing brings you

    40 Years of Experience

    in designing and manufacturing gravel trailers and truck bodies.

  • Midland Manufacturing brings you


    Built to Haul Sand

MC Series

  • Straight side wall designed clam shell trailer
  • 8” composite cylinders; interior mounted front cylinder for maximum protection and exterior mounted rear cylinder to eliminate hang up during dumping
  • Large volume 56 gallon air supply tank
  • Large 64” x 95” discharge opening
  • Clam belly dump (bottom dump) trailer designed for enhanced load release
Available Models
MC 2000
MC 3000
MC Train
MC belly/bottom dump gravel TrailerMC belly/bottom dump gravel TrailerMC belly/bottom dump gravel trailer