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    Better Investment

  • Reduced Weight
    Enhanced Load Release
    Lasting Quality

    The Midland TC is the industry’s leading belly dump trailer preferred by operators across North America.

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  • Innovative Durable & Stable Design

    The Midland SLX End Dump is designed with a lower center of gravity giving you the most stable end dump trailer in its class.

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  • Maximum Payload Capacity

    Moving large amounts of product requires a reliable trailer with maximized payload capacity; The Midland Super Train is the trailer for you.

    Learn more: TW Super Train
  • Midland Manufacturing brings you

    40 Years of Experience

    in designing and manufacturing gravel trailers and truck bodies.

  • Midland Manufacturing brings you


    Built to Haul Sand

SL Series

  • Full frame end dump trailer
  • Smooth side “U” shape body with concave floor for easy clean out and excellent load release
  • Designed for different gauge material types to accommodate aggregate hauling to heavy duty use. Trailers available in 3mm to ¼” HX450
  • Recommended for aggregate hauling trailer
Available Models
SL 2000
SL 3000
SL end dump gravel TrailerSL end dump gravel TrailerSL side dump gravel TrailerSL end dump gravel TrailerSL end dump gravel Trailer